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GeorgeSwain Investments is a boutique investment banking firm focused on the multicultural marketplace.  Bridging the intersection of diversity and capital formation. The company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth with respect to diversity in the multicultural markets .   GSI aims to be a leading source for capital formation for a underserved  multicultural market.  Though rooted in and focused on this particular demographic, with respect to creating diversity in the capital markets it is also intended for not only a domestic market but worldwide markets as well.    

Based In Los Angeles, California, GeorgeSwain Investments is an independent Investment banking consulting firm specializing in developing comprehensive financing strategies for the purpose  of securing attractive growth capital for entrepreneurs and management.

GeorgeSwain Investments was founded in order to raise growth capital for growing businesses along with providing corporate financial consulting.  Our model has allowed the firm to successfully grow into being a market leader raising capital for growing companies throughout the United States and abroad.

Our clients are fast growing, talented and innovative businesses held back by limited capital.  By engaging our capital raising services, GeorgeSwain Investments helps our clients determine their own capital requirements and structure based on the funding requirements of the growth plan and corporate finance strategy.

GeorgeSwain Investments raises capital from a variety of financing sources, including mezzanine debt, private equity, and senior lenders, as well as venture capital.  We raise capital and secure financing for our clients from a broad range of private and public financial institutions.  We are experts in the current capital markets, and know how to structure our deals in order to provide clients with the greatest value.  GSI specializes in helping companies find and negotiate business financing that minimizes dilution and personal financial liability to the company owners.  We also assist our clients in buying out company shareholders in order to further increase the future value.

GeorgeSwain Investments a is a different kind of investment bank. We provide strategic advice to a multicultural marketplace in a manner that promotes diversity and reflects how corporate development is actually done. This more strategic approach produces better outcomes for acquirers and target companies alike.

The growth and disruption of the multicultural market has resulted in significant opportunities in the capital market. We think it is long overdue that capital finds its way to this talented multicultural marketplace that will provide investment banking for your benefit in mind. Explore this site to find out more about the GSI difference.

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